The Mavenist is a blog built on dialogue and back-and-forth.

Two people, preferably friends, collaborate on a blog post by being available to one another. One begins by sharing something interesting, then commenting on it. This begins a dialogue. The second person then reciprocates with something they like which follows the thought-path of the previous item. The two go back-and-forth ten times and see where the flow of the conversation takes them.

Topics and titles aren't discussed before-hand. The process is more an unearthing than a construction. Like a good conversation, it is an improvisational process that relies on the acceptance of the ideas of the other individual.

It is a bit of a game, but there are no winners or losers. The “game” is not between the players, but between what is known to each and what is discovered together. The hope is that by each player sharing and suggesting, the process of being available in response can result in what may be thought of as a gift, whether that is an idea or quote to the other player, or if it is a gift to the readers who get to read the conversation once it is completed.

Rob Giampietro and I cooked up this format over coffee in April of 2011. I run the site, Rob is the smart one with the nice hair. There will be other participants too. I’m excited to see what they have to say.

The site will be published when convenient for the participants. The point of all of this is to have fun and learn things from one another.

Rob wrote a bit about the site.
I did, too.

And, as schmalzy as it may sound, thank you for reading.

Frank Chimero